Cable & Pipeline

Detailed surveys of corridors for cable, oil and gas pipelines, flowlines and umbilicals, positioning during the lay and post lay surveys.  We use high resolution multibeam and a full geophysical spread in site selection and pre-lay surveys. A range of geotechnical solutions are available, including grab sampling, vibrocoring and CPT. Positioning expertise can be provided during works and intermediary surveys for trench depth etc. can be undertaken during works. Post-lay and maintenance surveys including depth of burial and freespan, using multibeam, sidescan sbp and cable tracker.

Over the years Hydromaster Limited has taken part in several large cable and pipeline route surveys.  This is an area in which we are expanding rapidly.  Our reference list contains major clients in our region, both within renewables and power cable projects.  Onboard processing and mapping as well as final digital end products are delivered, as well as GIS and CAD outputs for cable and pipeline projects.